Miracle Coat Premium Detangling Shampoo - 16 oz

Put a stop to hair damage. Extra conditioners deter tangles and matting. Pet owners and professionals alike will appreciate easier brushing.

Item #: 1005
$11.76 Details

Miracle Coat Dog Shampoo - Long & Silky - 16 oz

Miracle Coat Coat Specific Dog Shampoo for Long and Silky coats contains extra conditioners to loosen mats, so that your pet will keep more of its beautiful coat.  With fewer knots to untangle, thi

Item #: 1008
$2.78 Details

Miracle Coat ™ Premium Leave-In Conditioner & Lusterizer - 12 oz

Promotes easy detangling and luxuriant shine - just spray on, let dry and brush out. Creates unparalleled luster and conditioning.

Item #: 1011
$2.32 Details

Miracle Coat® Dirt Shield ™ After-Bath Spray - 12oz

Dirt Shield is a revolutionary spray made from Moringa tree oil.

Item #: 1012
$2.32 Details

Miracle Coat Premium Spray-On Dog/Puppy Shampoo - 12 oz

Conditions and soothes. Perfectly formulated for both dogs and puppies. Offers a safe, easy way to bathe with a noiseless sprayer, perfect for inside use.

Item #: 1015
$1.84 Details

Miracle Coat Premium Radiant White Shampoo - 16 oz

Gently and naturally whitens and intensifies without drying or damaging the skin and coat.  Garden Fresh Scent.

Item #: 1089
$11.76 Details

Miracle Coat - Coat Specific Dog Shampoo - Thick and Dense - 16 oz

Miracle Coat for Thick and Dense coats is low sudsing to make it easier and quicker to rinse your dog more thoroughly. It is also gentle and will not strip away the natural oils that make a double

Item #: 1109
$2.94 Details

Miracle Coat Small Wire Pin Brush

Polished stainless steel pins penetrate deep into the coat. Ideal general grooming brush for thick or double coat types.

Item #: 3225
$2.64 Details

Miracle Coat ™ Small Double-Sided Brush - 8.25"

Comfort Tips on one side and a brush on the other - this is a very versatile tool for grooming dogs with light to medium coats.


Item #: 3230
$2.02 Details

Miracle Coat Grooming Mitt for Dogs

Flexible rubber fingers pick up loose hair while petting. Cotton mitt with velcro wrist strap for secure fit.

Item #: 3233
$0.99 Details

Miracle Coat Hair and Lint Roller - Overstock Item

The Hair and Lint Roller from Miracle Coat rolls over virtually any surface to instantly remove pet hair, dust and lint.  Easy spiral peel sheets rotate effortlessly on an ergonomically designed co

Item #: 3234
$0.99 Details

Miracle Coat Pet Hair and Lint Refill - 90 Sheets

The Hair & Lint Roller from Miracle Coat rolls over virtually any surface to instantly remove pet hair, dust and lint.

Item #: 3236
$0.79 Details

Miracle Coat Nail Clipper

Designed for greatest control while trimming all pets. 


Item #: 3287
$2.33 Details

Miracle Coat Nail Shaper

The Nail Shaper by Miracle Coat® is specially contoured to fit all pet nails.  A manual design to shape and smooth sharp or rough edges of nails for any breed.  Use after clipping for grooming salo

Item #: 3289
$1.46 Details

Miracle Coat Large Shedding Blade

Designed for all pets, this tool gently removes excess hair to reduce shedding.

Item #: 3290
$2.57 Details

Miracle Coat Opening Double-Sided Shedding Blade

Designed for larger pets. Use the handle in the closed position on delicate areas, and open the handle to cover more coat in less time. The blade has fine and coarse toothed sides.

Item #: 3294
$2.83 Details

Miracle Coat Small Shedding Blade

Designed for small pets, this tool gently removes excess hair to reduce shedding.

Item #: 3295
$2.24 Details

GROOMA® Mane & Tail Brush with Comfort Tips

Comfort Tips Mane and Tail Brush - Comfort tipped pins easily groom both the mane and tail. The non-slip grip ensures a secure grasp even when wet.

Item #: 3601
$1.58 Details

Miracle Care ™ R-7 First Aid Kit

R-7 First Aid Kit for Dogs & Cats - contains everything you need when accidents happen.

Item #: 423709
$11.04 Details

Miracle Care™by Miracle Corp/Gimborn R-7® Anti-Septic Spray, 4 Ounce for Dogs and Cats

R-7® Anti-Septic Spray 4-ounce by MiracleCorp/Gimborn is a topical treatment specifically formulated to help speed the healing process of cuts, scrapes and minor abrasions.

Item #: 423713
$3.16 Details

Miracle Care R-7 Ear Cleaner Pads 90 Count

Our popular R-7® Ear Cleaner in convenient pre-soaked pads.  Perfect for hiking or traveling.

90 Count Resealable Tub

Item #: 423997
$5.06 Details

Miracle Care R-7 Anti Itch Spray Solutions for Dogs and Cats - 4 ounce

R-7 Anti-Itch Spray for Dogs & Cats is naturally formulated to provide instant soothing relief from minor skin inflammations, itching, irritation and other causes.

Item #: 426001
$1.38 Details

Miracle Care ™ by MiracleCorp/Gimborn R-7® Oxy-Dental Spray - 4 ounce

R-7® Oxy-Dental Spray helps promote healthy teeth and gums through regular use.

Item #: 440503
$1.14 Details

Miracle Care ™ by MiracleCorp/Gimborn R-7® Oxy-Dental Pads - 90 Count

R-7® Oxy-Dental Premoistened Pads helps promote healthy teeth and gums through regular use.

Item #: 440505
$6.45 Details

Miracle Care ™ All Natural Ear Mite Soothe for Dogs 4 oz. Spray

Miracle Care Ear Mite Soothe for Dogs is an all natural remedy to soothe ear irritation associated with ear mites in dogs

Item #: 450540
$4.48 Details


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